4 Ways a Greenwich Wedding Photographer Can Present Your Wedding Album

Greenwich wedding photographerIf there is one thing a Greenwich wedding photographer can do that no other wedding photographer can is present a perfect wedding album. Similar to a wedding dress, a wedding album’s purposes is to be enjoyed by all, not just the bride and groom. Just like art capturing a wedding properly in just a few clicks of a camera, a bad wedding photo can make or break a wedding album. There are 4 ways a professional wedding photographer can present your wedding album so you can share precious memories with your friends and family.

4 Ways to Present a Wedding Album

  1. Keep the Photos in Chronological Order

One of the ways that a Greenwich wedding photographer can present your wedding album is in chronological order. This can organize a wedding album so that it tells a story of your wedding day with every picture. With every turn of a page, your friends and family will be able to experience the raw emotion leading up the moment you say, “I do.” One of the wonderful things about professional photographers is that they can include photos in your wedding album that start before the actual wedding day, such as your first day or engagement photo.

  1. Create Custom Cover for the Album

Most people tend to judge a book by its cover, but with the help of a professional photographer, nobody will be able to make judgement about your wedding album. A wedding photographer will be sure to choose a cover that will draw eyes and intrigued all who look at it. They will be sure to choose the best picture from your special day and a photo that is sure to bring back all of the happiness from the most important day of your life.

  1. Minimize the Amount of Photo Captions on Each Page

Most wedding photographers understand the importance of a wedding photo. Being knowledgeable in this well help ensure that there are as little photo captions on each page as possible. They will ensure your wedding album isn’t filled with clutter or unnecessary additions. They will ensure your album is only filled with photos that don’t need captions in order to explain the moment being captured.

  1. Will Make Sure Everyone is Included

While a wedding is primarily about the bride and groom, wedding photographers understand a wedding is a special occasion for the entire family. Every member present at the wedding was definitely invited for a reason. With that in mind, they will ensure that everyone who was at your wedding is included in the photo album. They will make sure that everyone feels equally important to the contribution of the happiest day of your life. A professional photographer will go above and beyond to ensure that you are not the only personal who can cherish your wedding album.

With the stress of everyday life, looking at a wedding album put together by a Greenwich wedding photographer can give you a flashback to one of the happiest moments of your life. With the help of Precious Red Photography, you can put a smile on your face with just the flip of a page.

Difficulties to Expect in Wedding Photography Edinburgh

wedding photography EdinburghIs wedding photography Edinburgh easy? The answer is no! Just like every other profession you can expect to experience upsides and downsides. The reason being that life is unpredictable and with the nature of human beings also being unpredictable, the job of a wedding photographer will not be all roses and sunflowers.

So, if you have aspirations or are already making plans to step in the professional world of wedding photographer, then let’s offer some insight on the difficulties you are expected to surpass. Read below:

  • #1 Lots of Work

There are a lot of things you are expected to have knowledge of when kicking off your wedding photography business. Some of them include: customer service, marketing, accounting, branding pricing, paper work, publicity etc. It therefore comes as no surprise that there is a lot of work needed in making a wedding photography business a success.

However, there is a wrong myth that is popularly known among wedding photography aspirants and that is with wedding photography, you only need to work once or twice a week and make a lot of cash. Well, we can say that in wedding photography Edinburgh http://www.andrewweild.com/, that myth is not only misleading but also dangerous to adhere to. Wedding photography requires more than one day of work.

It is expected that during the weekend, the photographer might have to cover the wedding for 8 hours or more but the rest of the week goes into developing the photographs and presenting them in the way the couple needs. The editing, developing and presentation takes more than a few hours. Also, during this period, the wedding photographer might have meetings and consultations set up with other wedding couples so never underestimate the workload of a wedding photographer.

  • #2 Finding a Balance

If you thought maintaining a regular 8am to 5pm job at an office is tiring, then what would you think of maintaining a balance between work life and personal life in wedding photography. Unlike most jobs which certain hours are set aside for work and other for play, wedding photography Edinburgh is much more different. If you are not careful as a wedding photographer, you can easily find weddings taking over your life.

Since most weddings are held during the weekends where friends and family members are free, it can be a bit difficult to find time to spend with them as your free time differs from theirs. You may find yourself getting isolated from you close ones if a clear line is not drawn between your work life and your personal one and you may be at the point where you start losing love for what you do. Do not risk a burnout when you can easily plan out areas you need changes.

At the end of the day, it is easy to conclude that the demands from wedding photography Edinburgh is no different from that you can expect from a normal 8am to 4pm job but it is how you go about that makes the job rewarding and not a chore.

How to Get the Wedding Pictures That You Want?

Perthshire wedding photographerThere are a lot of professionals out there and among them, a variety of styles exist. It’s important that you can figure out how to get not just beautiful, but also memorable wedding pictures. It can only be memorable if it’s taken in a way that you love.

How, then, do you find a Perthshire wedding photographer that can take the pictures the way you want them to be?

Know what you want

To tell others about it, you need to first understand what you want. What is it about those pictures that you like? What is the style of the photographer that took it? It’ll be best if you look through various portfolios of different photographer and then roughly identify the common things of the pictures you love.

Wedding photography is basically divided between fine art and reportage photography style. You don’t have to be that specific or literate about photography. But it’ll be easier for your photographer to decide the kind of editing and method he should use when taking your wedding pictures.

Decide the photographer

You can rank your photographer based on the style that you love the most. Your preference is of utmost important if you don’t want to be disappointed. Then you can move on to the price and arrange meetings with potential candidates.

Remember to not force yourself to like a certain photographer. If after meeting and shown more portfolios you change your mind, then move on to the next candidate. Being exposed to more works will help you decide the average result of the photographer that that’s generally what you’ll get. If you cannot like it, you won’t like it.

However, we found a Perthshire wedding photographer who owns www.photographyperthshire.co.uk. This photographer is amazingly consistent in his work and you most likely won’t feel disappointed even when you see the ‘average’ result of his.

Discuss it

Tell your photographers about what you want. You don’t have to think as if the professional photographer might get pissed or annoyed from listening too much. Their job is to deliver the best for their clients, which differs from one to another. The best way to do it is to listen to their specific request before working on the commission.

You can do this while commenting on the pictures that you love the most from his. It will help him see the way you see things and refine his way of taking pictures to suit your preferences.

At the same time, ask the photographer on what he thinks. If he is doubtful, you should be, too. If he has questions, answer it the best you can. If he’s confident, make sure that he’s not charging blindly, but did so after you explained enough.

Be yourself

The best pictures of yourself are the ones that contain genuine expressions. On your wedding day, do not feel like you always have to appear your best in front of the camera. As a professional Perthshire wedding photographer, it’s his job to capture you in your best.

Enjoy the party and do not mind the photographer too much. Avoid eye-contact with the camera and simply focus on enjoying your hard work of preparing this special day!

Baby Photos: Reasons to Be Concerned

baby photosBabies are cute and adorable. They’re still defenseless and seek to know more about the things around them, themselves and the love of people around them. They can be very gullible and because of this, becomes the target of many who know they cannot fight back.

With that said, what can you do to keep the baby photos you took from your photographer safe? How can you know that your privacy is protected?

Is the copyright yours?

First, you need to confirm the owner of the copyright. Knowing who is the sole owner of it will help you narrow down the people that can distribute it to the public and keep the pictures safe. Usually, in baby photography, the owner is the photographer who took the pictures themselves. However, the copyright can be given to you under several circumstances according to your photographer.

You can try to negotiate to somehow get your hand on those pictures. This is the best way to confirm that the pictures won’t be spread needlessly to unwanted parties. But if it doesn’t work, you can seek out the next method.

Play your right

The pictures of the babies aren’t the babies of the photographer. Thus, you have the right to tell the photographer that you don’t want those photos to be used, posted, or be shown to any party or sides for whatever purposes. It shall remain for private use.

For example, you can see the cute baby photos in www.kingshillstudios.co.uk, a site of a renowned baby photographer. These pictures have gained permission from their parents and are only shown with their personal information kept confidentially. That is what your photographer should possess. The concern of baby’s safety has to exist in those photographers.

You can also give out conditions for the photographer if he wants to use your pictures, such as blurring the face or blocking several parts of the face. Most photographers don’t like doing this and will just decide to not use the photos at all.

Check their social media pages

It’s also wise to keep track of your photographer’s social media account. They usually have Instagram, Facebook, and other means to update their followers and clients on their most recent work. While it’s unlikely that they’ll post those pictures if you’ve requested not to, it won’t hurt to check once in a while after you got your pictures.

Keep your posts minimum

Another thing that you need to pay attention is your own eagerness and temptation to just upload the digital files to your Instagram. It takes several clicks to invite people with the evil intention to your page. Sure, they’re cute and all, but keep in mind to share them only with people that you know. The Internet is very wide and one can barely track down the person behind it.

If anything at all, you can show the printed pictures to people that come over. Uploading things to the Internet should be done with this in mind: nothing is really gone from that virtual world. Now you’ve understood the risk of baby photos taken by your photographer and ways to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Why A Photo Booth is Necessary

Surrey photo booth hireHaving a photo booth in any kind of event is always fun. We’re pretty sure that no one can deny this fact, which is a good start to see why the title, ‘Why a Photo Booth is Necessary’, rings the truth. Surrey photo booth hire is a great way to get more fun for your party.

Let’s see how that’s going to serve a lot of fun to your important event.

More memories to keep

The photo booth is a great mean to allow everyone to create more memories together. If you’re going to hire one for your wedding party, you’ll also be able to get some crazy pictures out of the photo booth. And there are more the people can do with the pictures they get from the photo booth.

Some professional provider would also give you a guestbook to keep the pictures in. After guests have pictures taken, they can leave one on the book for you. They are also free to leave some messages for the bride and groom. Just decorate it to their heart’s content! After you finish your honeymoon, you can take your time read the guestbook.

Give the guests something to do

One of the most tedious things to do is to wait. And often in such event, guests that arrive early have to deal with waiting, standing or just sitting and looking around. With a photo booth, they will have reasons to get together and even make some precious memories with their friends.

Surrey photo booth hire by www.captivephoto.co.uk/surrey-photo-booth-hire understands this and provides the best service. How? By providing the craziest and most ridiculous props for the guests. Because it will only be memorable if something utterly stupid can be used.

New photo booth technology

There’s no need to hate the quality of pictures taken from photo booth because today, they are geared with only the best camera. You’ll be able to get sharp pictures through photo booth and there’s no need to worry about printing them in big sizes.

Not just pictures quality, you’ll also be getting extra functions on the camera, such as editing and filtering the pictures. You can use cute stickers to make it all the more fun! With these types of additional functions, the photo booth isn’t as bored anymore.

There’s also the fact that a photo booth is no more in a tight space, but is up to how you want it to be. You want it to be placed in the corner of the room with the decorations captured? Sure! You want to décor a car into a photo booth instead? No problem! The service can be provided anywhere you want.

It’s not expensive!

Surrey photo booth hire service isn’t as expensive as you think! Spare less than $500 and you’ll get all the professional services from a photo booth provider. You will also be given flexibility of when you want to open or close the booth.

With the number of pictures that you can provide for your guests and also the amount of entertainment you can provide, it’s totally worth it! The value is high and it’ll make the special day even more special.

How to Not Waste Your Wedding Photographer’s Effort

wedding photographer EssexThere are a lot of things that you could to prevent things that are potentially time wasting for your wedding photographer Essex. Most of the time, having your own wedding for the first time ever is the strongest reason. But fear not, we won’t let you make beginner’s mistake and help you face the troubles you most probably will be met with later on.

Getting ready for group pictures

It’s one of the most time wasting part of wedding photography. A lot of factors contribute to this. You probably have a lot of guests invited and you want to honor them for coming by having group pictures taken for a different group of colleagues, friends, or acquaintances.

With the number of people that you need to have pictures taken with, your photographer will also have to work hard. It means he has to spend a lot of time trying to get everybody in order for a picture.

Set one person to become the group coordinator. You should inform of the number of the groups and how to address them if necessary. Preparing like this will make sure that you’re wasting your photographer’s time just sitting there and waiting for everyone ready for the picture.

Make a very short shotlist

Shotlist often does more distractions than helping both the photographer and client. This is due to the long list of shortlists that float around the internet. Clients tend to just print the whole thing and bring them to their photographer.

Such long list of things doesn’t really bring any new information to your photographer. He’s done the same thing for more than hundreds of times. But you can still make use of a shotlist.

The point is to list things that really matter. For example, your photographer might not know that it was your grandma that decorated the front table. Or maybe it was your sister that made the souvenirs. Things like this require extra attention and definitely more pictures from your wedding photographer Essex. Check out this guy at www.justin-bailey.co.uk who’d immediately ask you for one to make sure your wedding album won’t be disappointing.

Brief your photographer

Lots of couples don’t see it necessary to remind their photographer about the wedding. It’s because they either think it won’t make a difference or that photographer himself should’ve known more or less about it.

That’s risky. You actually don’t know if your photographer understands what’s going to happen at the wedding. There’s also no telling whether or not they remember the things we told them months ago.

The briefing can be done at your rehearsal if you do one and you invited your photographer. This is actually recommended as you can brief whilst show or illustrate how it’s going to proceed on the spot.

If this is not possible, you can make a phone call one or two days before the event and talk about it. If this is not possible either, make sure your photographer can arrive much earlier than planned. Go to the event briefly.

If you follow through these three important points, you can be sure that you’re making your wedding photographer Essex do his job properly for you.

Reportage & Fine Art Wedding Photography: What They Are

fine art wedding photography

You’ll often see many photographers saying that they offer reportage or fine art wedding photography. What exactly are those styles? We’ve noticed that lots of couples made a guess on how they are supposed to be. And often, these guesses are made based on the majority of the type of pictures they see that are tagged with those names.

Because of this, it isn’t rare to see that some completely missed the real meaning of reportage and fine art in photography. They also miss how they are implemented as wedding photography.

Reportage wedding photography

This style is also often known as photojournalism or documentary style of photographing things. You can probably guess from its name that this photography style focuses on the delivery of the story. Thus, when you see reportage wedding photography, you can safely assume that it focuses on the storyline of the event.

A skillful wedding photographer knows that simply putting pictures in black and white mode does not make it a reportage. In fact, a single picture can barely be called reportage because it is unable to tell a complete story with just one picture.

If you want to see whether your photographer is truly a professional reportage wedding photographer, it’ll be best if you can get a hold of an example album of their works. The pictures you see have to be able to tell the story of the couple and the wedding without a single word. Simply taking candid pictures aren’t enough because reportage means more than that.

It goes without saying that the photographer has to be professional enough to not be intrusive, yet bold in capturing the moments. You won’t see many traditional pictures in your album, but you will see a lot of important moment unfolding in their truest colors.

Fine art wedding photography

www.juliaandyou.comis the site of a photographer that does fine art wedding photography. So, what exactly is fine art?

If you Google for the definition, you will be able to see that fine art the visual beauty of things that is often purposely done to show that image by the photographer. So, yes, fine art focuses more on the beauty of things, which is why it can also be often related to vintage.

Fine art photographer can often be peculiar and different because they see things in a different way. Thus, they can be said to stand the opposite of reportage photographer as they, instead of letting things be the way they are, move things in their place to gain that beautiful visual.

However, this does not necessarily mean that your photographer will be intruding every now and then during your wedding. That’s the reason why many fine art photographers included reportage on their homepage because it is inseparable from wedding photography these days.

However, you’ll see more formal and ‘beauty’ oriented pictures from fine art wedding photography which tend to be more post-worth and hang-worthy for your living room.

We hope that through this short article, we’ll be able to educate more people in styles of wedding photography and understand what they truly mean.

This Is How to Shoot Gorgeous Pictures in the Dark

wedding photographer SurreyReception room, gloomy weather, and nighttime are some of the worst time to take pictures. This is because lighting, the most important thing for a wedding photographer Surrey, is almost nonexistent. It takes quite the effort and skill to be able to get nice pictures, too.

1. Low ISO

High ISO is going to ruin your images with tiny little sands. These are called noises, and pretty sure you’ve seen it happening on several of your pictures. To prevent this, use low ISO setting at around 200 or 300.

2. Use other light sources

If you are outdoor, make use of that streetlamp or another light source you can find. They’ll light up your subject pretty nicely.

3. Decrease shutter speed

Set shutter speed to 1/25 or 1/20 s to get a clearer shot of your subject. This speed will allow light to fill more equally across the picture when you use flash. They don’t, however, cause pictures to look brighter, that one depends on aperture.

4. Increase aperture

This one will help increase the brightness of the overall picture. If, say, a certain part of the pictures looks a little darker, you can set the aperture to +1 and so on to brighten it up.

5. Let it be dark

If it’s dark, then so be it, make use of the condition. Light paint photography is one of the most famous things to do in these times. Since the dark background makes it easy to see whatever is painted in front, it’ll be fun to get creative and draw or write something in the air.

6. Flashing

Flash the area to light the place up. Of course, you want to make sure that you flash the right direction so as to not create horrible shadows on your subject’s face.

Use a flashlight to help light up places that need to brighten up.

7. Use light diffuser

In a dark lit room, it can be pretty uncomfortable, and ever annoying, if someone suddenly lights up flash in front of you, right into your eyes. To prevent this, remember to use a light diffuser, especially if it’s close. Also, take into account how dark the room is. Is it totally dark, or if there are small lights around, such as candles or incandescent bulbs.

8. Sound/noise reducer

Sometimes, setting ISO on low mode will still cause noise to appear on your images. When this happens, use apps to reduce the noise. There are quite a lot of free and paid software out there that help reduce the noise on your pictures.

9. Use the couple to block the flash

Place the speedlight behind the couples standing face-to-face. Light it up and you’ll get to see a clear image of your couple. Flash from the front to prevent the front side getting dark. This is a great way to get a clear background, and also your subject nicely in a frame.

10. Practice

This is the most important part if you want to be successful wedding photographer Surrey shooting great pictures in whatever condition. Practicing to shoot at home or outdoor when you are not working are some ways to improve your eyesight and creativity in dark places.

Tips For Every WordPress Beginner

Pick out your theme and learn it.

 wordpress support for photographersPicking out a theme out of the thousands and thousands of options you have out there can be a daunting experience and although this can throw you off a bit, on the flip side; you can actually really on a few tested and proven themes that have worked so far. Even if you happen to be a real beginning, there will always be a lot of WordPress support for photographer types like you. Gone were the days wherein you need to have developer level skills in order for you to just be able to figure your theme out. There are a lot of templates and a lot of supporting documents and blogs that will help walk you through the entire process without you breaking a sweat.

Check out a setup guide and read through it so that you can figure out the instructions on how to download and set up your theme. You will also be taught how to install that said theme and how to customize it based on your needs. It takes time to have to read through something so technical but more often than not, the instructions are fairly easy to follow. If push comes to shove and you happen to be extremely confused by everything so far, you can always reach out to a helpful customer support hotline so that you can get your queries answered.

Always back up your hard work by safekeeping your WordPress site.

One of the cardinal rules for every WordPress support for photographer brochure or handbook out there is for you to always back it up. There is a so-called white screen of death in WordPress-speak that you need to be wary about. It may be due to a lag or glitch in the system or it may be because of a plugin that isn’t working all of a sudden or it may be that you have lost access to your site one way or the other. backing it up will ensure that you will be able to restore your site accordingly based on the last version that you have wanted the most and it will minimize the amount of work you need to put in because it technically means that you certainly don’t have to start from scratch. Make sure that you pick out a hosting domain or provider that provides backup services. It will save you from so much headache in the long run. An auto backup system wouldn’t be so bad either because it means that it saves versions of each and every single revision you put in.

Make sure that your site is friendly for search engines.

The goal for sites in general is to make sure that they get to drive traffic day in and day out. Technically speaking, more visitors at some point or so indirectly translates to getting more customers. This strategy is referred to as SEO or as search engine optimization. One golden advice from WordPress support for photographer manuals is that you ought to download a plugin for SEO.  There are hundreds to thousands of plugs in choose from. Go for something that has a really easy user interface to use. An all in one package wouldn’t be that bad either.

Smart Ways To Check Out Your Wedding Plans

Start signing up for spam.

photographer HampshireWe’re not talking about any just random spam here. We are talking about wedding blogs, newsletters, and even email subscriptions from potential wedding vendors in your local area. This will help keep you better informed about what you should expect or know about when it comes to the current trends in the wedding industry and the like. This is something that you ought to take into account as much as possible. Although it might seem like a little too much work to try to read through them all the time, the amount of time that you invest on reading through these newsletters, or spam, so to speak, will always be well worth the effort.

If you are looking for photographer Hampshire offers, the newsletters are the best sources of info to get them from because the latest offers and discounts are usually advertised by wedding industry professionals in these emails. You might also want to consider going down the traditional route and check through print ads and the like. It’s oftentimes a hit or miss but then again, you will never really know until you take a closer look.

Go for a pre owned gown.

You don’t have to get brand new stuff for the wedding all the time. if you feel as if you have a fairly limited budget for the wedding, it’s actually quite alright for you to be stingy about the way that you spend your money out at some point or so. Go for a pre owned gown instead. It will cost you less money somewhere in the process and it probably hasn’t been worn more than once in the first place. Or better yet, you can always make it a point to borrow. Perhaps your mom has that perfect wedding gown stashed up in the attic and you just haven’t gotten around to asking her about it. Always look out for ways for you to save a little bit of money on the side so that you have enough left for other important expenses such as the photographer Hampshire deals that you have been trying to hammer out for the wedding day.

Give your tulle a second chance at life.

Once you are done with your wedding dress, you won’t really have that much of a use for it as the years go by so in order for you to have some sort of return on your investments, you may go ahead and check out the possibility of selling it out to another lucky bride. It might not recover the full amount of what you have spent out for but it will at least give you back a fraction of the amount.

Shorten the hours of your vendors.

Pay particular attention to the start and end times and make sure that you structure their schedules accordingly. Extra or overtime hours could add up pretty quickly and not the type of thing that you would want to have to shell out for at any point in time.