Become A Pro York Wedding Photographer

Fashion emergencies

weddingsThere will always be fashion emergencies during wedding photo shoots. If you are a professional wedding photographer, you should pretty much consider this as just another day in the office. Nothing could delay a wedding photography in York more than the issue of wardrobe issues and other malfunctions that might pop up somewhere along the way. You need to come prepared for this. A great way to prep up for untoward situations such as these would be for you to bring in an emergency kit that you can go ahead and use to help out the people that you are photographing.

Set aside a handy little pouch that has a bottle of stain remover for food and drink spillages, a sticky tape, a basic sewing kit, extra hooks and buttons, and you might as well include a decorative hanger that you will be able to go ahead and hang the bride’s wedding dress from. Such a kit is not necessarily required but it sure does come in handy when you are shooting as someone’s main wedding photographer. This is also something that people, your clients in particular, will surely be able to appreciate at the end of the day. A little something extra on the side surely wouldn’t hurt you at all.


A wedding photographer should never forget about his bridesmaids. Although the bridesmaids may just seem like a small part of the equation for as far as how the wedding is supposed to pan out, as a wedding photographer, you need to make sure that you are able to go the extra mile by paying attention to the bridesmaids as well. Although some people would immediately brush off their roles as relatively small, the truth is that the kind of entrance the bride gets to have during the wedding ceremony is partly based on how the bridesmaids make their walks down the aisle.

Remind the bridesmaids to smile all of the time.

The proper posture and the proper way to walk will also be extremely helpful, things that need to be covered during the wedding rehearsal. They should also know the proper way to go ahead and hold their bouquets. It should be high enough to get noticed but low enough so that it doesn’t end up ruining most of the dress. Give the bridesmaids a short pep talk just so that they get all pumped and inspired when they make their walk.

Wedding rehearsals

Wedding rehearsals are extremely important and they are something that you should not miss at all as a York wedding photographer who is covering a wedding deal. Always attend the wedding rehearsal. Even if you have a fairly full and busy schedule as a wedding photographer, make sure that you get to go out of your way to really attend the rehearsal so that you will get to see first hand how the sequence will pan out during the actual wedding day. It’s always different to have plans drafted out on paper than to have something unfold before your eyes.