Wedding Etiquette Every Bride Should Know

Share with the costs of the bridesmaid dresses.

wedding photographer BelfastYou need to know right off the bat that your bridesmaids are sacrificing a lot of things for you already. They will be more than happy to go ahead and run your errands for you, among a bunch of other things. Make it a point to get this looked into, in the very least. Even if you are on a really tight wedding budget, there is no reason why you can’t help out. Perhaps you can rent a bridal package in bulk and include them in it. Or if you are opting for custom dresses, you might at least want to go on halfsies with them so that they don’t have to foot the entire bill for it at the end of the day.

Although they get to keep the dresses, it would be helpful to remind yourself of the fact that it is to your wedding that they are wearing the dresses to in the first place so try to at least be courteous with them when it all comes down to it. The bride usually gets a say on the kind of design and color palette that her bridesmaids end up wearing so footing the bill altogether at least paying partially will turn out to be a really nice courtesy that you can extend out to your inner wedding party.

Share the spotlight a little.

If you have an extended family or if your groom happens to have a daughter whom he would like to seat along with you in the nuptial table, then by all means, share the spotlight. It will actually turn out to be really adorable and it will even set a good tone or vibe for the rest of the stuff that you have been working out not just for the wedding but for the marriage overall. Your wedding photographer Belfast will really be able to go ahead and make the most out of this. It would turn out to be a bit bland anyway if all your photos show just you and your groom. It will be so much better if your wedding photographer Belfast will be able to tell a story not just about you and him but about the rest of the people who are surrounding you and who are supporting you during the day of your wedding. So yes, case in point, share the spotlight a little. It will make you enjoy the day of the wedding and less anxious that the attention is all on you. It will make you feel less self conscious.

The maid of honor doesn’t have to be your sister.

The maid of honor can be a closest friend, a cousin, or anyone that you consider closest to you. It should be your closest confidante. You will be relying a lot on your maid of honor so make sure that you choose well when you are picking someone out.

Foot the bill for the hair and makeup.

It’s a small amount and this is a gesture that is both expected from you and well appreciated at the same time. You want your wedding photographer Belfast to capture beautiful photos of your bridesmaids as well.