Difficulties to Expect in Wedding Photography Edinburgh

wedding photography EdinburghIs wedding photography Edinburgh easy? The answer is no! Just like every other profession you can expect to experience upsides and downsides. The reason being that life is unpredictable and with the nature of human beings also being unpredictable, the job of a wedding photographer will not be all roses and sunflowers.

So, if you have aspirations or are already making plans to step in the professional world of wedding photographer, then let’s offer some insight on the difficulties you are expected to surpass. Read below:

  • #1 Lots of Work

There are a lot of things you are expected to have knowledge of when kicking off your wedding photography business. Some of them include: customer service, marketing, accounting, branding pricing, paper work, publicity etc. It therefore comes as no surprise that there is a lot of work needed in making a wedding photography business a success.

However, there is a wrong myth that is popularly known among wedding photography aspirants and that is with wedding photography, you only need to work once or twice a week and make a lot of cash. Well, we can say that in wedding photography Edinburgh http://www.andrewweild.com/, that myth is not only misleading but also dangerous to adhere to. Wedding photography requires more than one day of work.

It is expected that during the weekend, the photographer might have to cover the wedding for 8 hours or more but the rest of the week goes into developing the photographs and presenting them in the way the couple needs. The editing, developing and presentation takes more than a few hours. Also, during this period, the wedding photographer might have meetings and consultations set up with other wedding couples so never underestimate the workload of a wedding photographer.

  • #2 Finding a Balance

If you thought maintaining a regular 8am to 5pm job at an office is tiring, then what would you think of maintaining a balance between work life and personal life in wedding photography. Unlike most jobs which certain hours are set aside for work and other for play, wedding photography Edinburgh is much more different. If you are not careful as a wedding photographer, you can easily find weddings taking over your life.

Since most weddings are held during the weekends where friends and family members are free, it can be a bit difficult to find time to spend with them as your free time differs from theirs. You may find yourself getting isolated from you close ones if a clear line is not drawn between your work life and your personal one and you may be at the point where you start losing love for what you do. Do not risk a burnout when you can easily plan out areas you need changes.

At the end of the day, it is easy to conclude that the demands from wedding photography Edinburgh is no different from that you can expect from a normal 8am to 4pm job but it is how you go about that makes the job rewarding and not a chore.