Reportage & Fine Art Wedding Photography: What They Are

fine art wedding photography

You’ll often see many photographers saying that they offer reportage or fine art wedding photography. What exactly are those styles? We’ve noticed that lots of couples made a guess on how they are supposed to be. And often, these guesses are made based on the majority of the type of pictures they see that are tagged with those names.

Because of this, it isn’t rare to see that some completely missed the real meaning of reportage and fine art in photography. They also miss how they are implemented as wedding photography.

Reportage wedding photography

This style is also often known as photojournalism or documentary style of photographing things. You can probably guess from its name that this photography style focuses on the delivery of the story. Thus, when you see reportage wedding photography, you can safely assume that it focuses on the storyline of the event.

A skillful wedding photographer knows that simply putting pictures in black and white mode does not make it a reportage. In fact, a single picture can barely be called reportage because it is unable to tell a complete story with just one picture.

If you want to see whether your photographer is truly a professional reportage wedding photographer, it’ll be best if you can get a hold of an example album of their works. The pictures you see have to be able to tell the story of the couple and the wedding without a single word. Simply taking candid pictures aren’t enough because reportage means more than that.

It goes without saying that the photographer has to be professional enough to not be intrusive, yet bold in capturing the moments. You won’t see many traditional pictures in your album, but you will see a lot of important moment unfolding in their truest colors.

Fine art wedding photography

www.juliaandyou.comis the site of a photographer that does fine art wedding photography. So, what exactly is fine art?

If you Google for the definition, you will be able to see that fine art the visual beauty of things that is often purposely done to show that image by the photographer. So, yes, fine art focuses more on the beauty of things, which is why it can also be often related to vintage.

Fine art photographer can often be peculiar and different because they see things in a different way. Thus, they can be said to stand the opposite of reportage photographer as they, instead of letting things be the way they are, move things in their place to gain that beautiful visual.

However, this does not necessarily mean that your photographer will be intruding every now and then during your wedding. That’s the reason why many fine art photographers included reportage on their homepage because it is inseparable from wedding photography these days.

However, you’ll see more formal and ‘beauty’ oriented pictures from fine art wedding photography which tend to be more post-worth and hang-worthy for your living room.

We hope that through this short article, we’ll be able to educate more people in styles of wedding photography and understand what they truly mean.