Port Wedding Pictures: Safety above Elegance

Portsmouth – a port city with its own beauty from the multiple ships and horizon that expands vast through the sea. With such a unique landscape, a Portsmouth wedding photographer is able to capture great pieces of wedding couples with a different view from the rest of the world. Not to mention, the famous landmark Spinnaker Tower that was built in the shape of a sail.

However, it is also a place filled with danger of the sea. Humans were not born to live underwater or to survive in it without gears and equipment. We’re not even comfortable with being damp and wet.

Safety first

Accidents happen, like it or not. Holding parties in places where many are not familiar with also means that many are not familiar with the danger. Being careful with all the preparations cannot hurt. A professional Portsmouth wedding photographer will not make you compromise safety over shots.

Docks or small ships were not meant to hold tens to maybe hundreds of guests of a party, especially parts of old docks. Falling into the water is one thing, but falling into the sea from the dock could pose troubles because ships move around and there are fishes that live there. The wave could also probably swipe the guests away if the weather is worse than usual, since it is commonly windy almost half of the year in Portsmouth. Otherwise, it would just turn your wedding party into the worst or the most hilarious one of the year.

If you really need a picture taken on docks or ships, it might do better with only the couple. If you want to take a mob picture, have some stand inland to not overweigh the dock.

Ask your friends

If that photographer is an experienced one, ask your friends or relatives if they had ever used him before. Ask how does he usually conduct the photography session; does he insists on couples to pose to take excellent photos while disregarding the discomfort and even possible dangers?

If you had found the photographer from a friend’s or relative’s referral, this usually means that the photographer had given quite the service. But, just to make sure, always talk and discuss about safety when taking pictures around bodies of water. You just don’t want to ruin your party or even possibly injure your guests and friends; or your bride.

Does not have to be water

Pick inland photos; a talented and professional Portsmouth wedding photographer will be able to work on excellent shots wherever you want the pictures to be taken. Various landmarks and buildings that are build around Portsmouth will also make great pictures.

Geographical features do create a different and one of a kind pictures for your wedding album. Even though, so, you might or might not have heard of news where wedding parties failed when the pair and their friends and relatives try to take pictures next to bodies of water by standing cramped around old docks or small ships. They were funny, but they could also be dangerous especially if done recklessly. It pays to exercise caution in all things and at the end of the day, you still get beautiful images.