This Is How to Shoot Gorgeous Pictures in the Dark

wedding photographer SurreyReception room, gloomy weather, and nighttime are some of the worst time to take pictures. This is because lighting, the most important thing for a wedding photographer Surrey, is almost nonexistent. It takes quite the effort and skill to be able to get nice pictures, too.

1. Low ISO

High ISO is going to ruin your images with tiny little sands. These are called noises, and pretty sure you’ve seen it happening on several of your pictures. To prevent this, use low ISO setting at around 200 or 300.

2. Use other light sources

If you are outdoor, make use of that streetlamp or another light source you can find. They’ll light up your subject pretty nicely.

3. Decrease shutter speed

Set shutter speed to 1/25 or 1/20 s to get a clearer shot of your subject. This speed will allow light to fill more equally across the picture when you use flash. They don’t, however, cause pictures to look brighter, that one depends on aperture.

4. Increase aperture

This one will help increase the brightness of the overall picture. If, say, a certain part of the pictures looks a little darker, you can set the aperture to +1 and so on to brighten it up.

5. Let it be dark

If it’s dark, then so be it, make use of the condition. Light paint photography is one of the most famous things to do in these times. Since the dark background makes it easy to see whatever is painted in front, it’ll be fun to get creative and draw or write something in the air.

6. Flashing

Flash the area to light the place up. Of course, you want to make sure that you flash the right direction so as to not create horrible shadows on your subject’s face.

Use a flashlight to help light up places that need to brighten up.

7. Use light diffuser

In a dark lit room, it can be pretty uncomfortable, and ever annoying, if someone suddenly lights up flash in front of you, right into your eyes. To prevent this, remember to use a light diffuser, especially if it’s close. Also, take into account how dark the room is. Is it totally dark, or if there are small lights around, such as candles or incandescent bulbs.

8. Sound/noise reducer

Sometimes, setting ISO on low mode will still cause noise to appear on your images. When this happens, use apps to reduce the noise. There are quite a lot of free and paid software out there that help reduce the noise on your pictures.

9. Use the couple to block the flash

Place the speedlight behind the couples standing face-to-face. Light it up and you’ll get to see a clear image of your couple. Flash from the front to prevent the front side getting dark. This is a great way to get a clear background, and also your subject nicely in a frame.

10. Practice

This is the most important part if you want to be successful wedding photographer Surrey shooting great pictures in whatever condition. Practicing to shoot at home or outdoor when you are not working are some ways to improve your eyesight and creativity in dark places.