When Shooting A Wedding Video In Newcastle

Communicate with clients

wedding videographerShooting a wedding video in Newcastle will not turn out to be a walk in the park but given the right basics, you should do alright. The first thing you need to get taken care of right off the bat is your communication with your clients. You need to know exactly what they are looking for and what kind of vision they might already have for the said wedding video in Newcastle.

If you have creative inputs to suggest, then run it by them early on. It is always important for you to go ahead and make sure that you get the buy in of your clients every single time that you are working things out because this can help you handle things the right way. When you are fairly aware of what the basic preferences of your clients will turn out to be, it will put you in a far better place as a wedding videographer. You get to eliminate most of the guess work that comes along with the aspect of shooting the video. It can be a bit intimidating trying to reach out to someone you don’t really know but you have to bridge the gap if you would like to go ahead and make this work one way or the other.

Stay fast and light

Another important aspect of shooting a wedding video in Newcastle is making sure that you get to stay fast and stay light as well at the same time. Most of these wedding videos will require a reportage approach. This means that you might need to have things pan out in front of you without much interference. You are going to need to keep up with the events as they go along. What this means is that you will be on the move all of the time.

Missing out on any of the important moments during the wedding is a cardinal sin and something that your clients will never forgive you for. Make sure that you get the job done at the end of the day. Wear a comfortable pair of shoes and a nice set of clothes while you are at it. Don’t carry around too much unnecessary equipment. Set the rest of your stuff down in a corner somewhere and opt to go basic with the stuff that you actually carry on your back the entire time that you are at it.

Take care of  your audio.

Get your audio taken care of the right way when you are shooting a wedding video in Newcastle. Relying on the in-camera audio recorder alone might turn out to be a little too risky for comfort and this is what you need to really cover for in the best possible ways ahead of time. A great idea and investment would be for you to purchase at least 2 basic external audio recorders. A great video isn’t really good for anything if it doesn’t have excellent audio to back it up somewhere in the process. Backups are crucial to your success as a wedding video expert and this is not the kind of thing that you can afford to just go ahead and take lightly while you are at it.

Always stabilize your camera.

You might have heard this again and again but it is probably because this is for a fairly good reason. A stable camera is important for your videos because it will make them look seamless and professionally finished. When you come to think about it, your clients deserve it because they are actually paying you for your professional services. This is something that you should continually aim to bring to the table every single time.

Intro to Shooting a Wedding Video

wedding video tipsShooting a wedding video can be pretty basic and no-nonsense but there are so many other things going on in the background that you will need to pay attention to if you want it shot the right way at the end of the day.

First up, you need to spread out the mechanics.

Talk to the clients and ask them how it’s going to be. Most of the clients approach the wedding photographers or videographers already well aware of what they would like to do for the shooting of their wedding video or how it will be shot. They may not really know much about the technical details that surround it but they do have a pretty good idea about how they would like things to turn out one way or the other. This is what you should be paying attention to. There will be times wherein your creative input will be appreciated and more than welcomed but go out of your way to always run it past the clients all of the time.

Not all of your ideas or concepts will be instant bestsellers.

There might be some objections along the way and when you just go ahead and implement something that you did not even bother to run by them, it can make them feel ignored and disregarded. You certainly don’t want that kind of vibe for your project at all.

Keep the lines of communication open as much as possible.

Make the clients feel that it’s okay for them to state and re-state their inputs and points of view time and time again. If it will be possible for you to constantly check in with the clients just to show them where you are currently at with the shooting of the wedding video, that’s even better. Remember that the wedding video should turn out just as the clients have envisioned, even if you have differing thoughts about it.

Make it a point to really be out and about when you are shooting the wedding video.

This is not the time for you to get lazy and lethargic. Make yourself active all throughout the shoot. As a matter of fact, you might even end up running around, crawling, scooting and crouching all over the place just in search of the perfect angles and so that you will be able to keep up with the movements of the people that you are trying to capture on film.

Wear a comfortable pair of shoes.

Find one that will allow you to lithely hop from one place to another. When you are carrying photography equipment, carry light as well. Bulky and clunky equipment is not something that will work well for you when you are shooting a wedding video york. You need to always be on the move and that means that you should only carry nothing more but the most basic and the most essential of equipment and accessories. If it is something that you will be able to do without in the meantime, set it down in a corner. Be kind to your back. You can only carry so much for a certain period of time. Conserve your energy as well as your stamina because weddings are a long way to go and as the expert shooting the wedding video, you need to be there from start to finish.